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From the Mountains to the City   12 comments

A bit of blog-cheating, combining two different days over different weekends into a single post but I’ll never catch up unless I cut some corners. Having said that, its my blog so I can do what I want! ?

Firstly one of our standard walks at Blorschmale. Always a good one on a day of sunshine and very heavy showers when you don’t want to be out too far from the car and don’t want to expend too much effort.

Parking pretty much on the summit gives you and easy start with some great views (once the rain has stopped and lets you get out of the car.)

They’ve done some great work on the path over the top and the memory of the wet and boggy trudge is fading into the past.

TBF tackles the bouldery summit.

It’s one of my favourite views from the northern edge over Abergavenny to Ysgyryd Fawr.

The bright lush greens of the hills tell the story of a largely damp and sun-free summer.

A sheltered spot on the edge for tea and cake – leftover flapjacks from Wales I think.

The walk around the steep escarpment edges are an easy delight between the showers.

Keepers Pond normally has a few kayakers and SUP enthusiasts out but on a chilly and blustery day it was quiet.

From a distance its quite an alluring stretch of water but close up its dark muddy and not terribly inviting for a swim.

That didn’t deter TBF though who took to the water for a brief swim. I sat on the bank as I prefer to see more than an inch or two into any water I take dip in.

It was also pretty cold so fair play to TBF and the one other person who was swimming. Both us hubby’s looked on and shook our heads.

Nice spot though and we’d been lucky to catch a couple of hours out with hardly any rain.

Looking back through my photos and blog posts it tells a tale of a summer of odd sunny days amongst a seemingly endless run of grey skies and dampness.

Onwards. The following weekend we took a day trip to London. For me, THO and UF to watch the footy and the Funsters to go to the theatre. And here to visit the Tate Modern on the South Bank. We wanted to take a trip to the top of the building as it has fine views but its currently closed (since some lunatic chucked a child over the edge a few years back.)

Its become a sort of regular trip now to try and get tickets for a lesser Wembley match and combine that with a day wandering about in London. It works really well

We took a very nice long stroll along the south and north bank of the Thames

The Shard looking very impressive.

I’d love to go up but can’t justify the ?25 they charge you.

Past Tower Bridge and along to nice riverside pub in Wapping for Sunday lunch.

We then went our separate ways to theatres and stadiums. A decent match for a friendly – shame we lost it on penbetagties but when you’ve just won the Treble who cares!

Now I can focus on our summer holiday trip – lots of sunny posts coming up!

London Day Out   14 comments

Quick post while I have a few spare minutes between enjoying the sunshine.

A day out in London to watch Man City play in the FA Cup Semi-Final. We’ve taken to enjoying a day out for those games when we can get a ticket. Long way for UF and the Prof but for me it’s just over 3 hours from my front door to stepping out on the South Bank walk by the Thames.

Its one of my favourite walks and despite an ordinary forecast it was wbedürftig and sunny. Views across to the skyscrapers of the City of London. The skyline seems forever changing and the Natwest Tower (the dark tower on the left), which used to be the highest, now dwarfed by other buildings.

The Shard. Great to look at, expensive to go up!

After a cracking Venison Burger in Borough Market we hopped on a train to Greenwich. We snagged a riverside table at the Trafalgar Inn and had a couple of very enjoyable pints and some bar snacks overlooking the Thames and the O2 Arena.

No trip to London is complete without a walk through the Greenwich foot tunnel and a trip on the Docklands Light Railway through Canary Wharf. We even managed to slip in a trip on the new Elizabeth Line to see how the ?20+ Billions had been spent.

And then along to Wembley and the classic walk down Wembley Way (or Olympic Way as I believe its now called). Good natured banter with the opposition fans from Sheffield United.

Its always fun to watch a match at Wembley betagthough the game was a little one sided. A grand day out though as Wallace and Gromit would have said

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