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Our first trip out from the campsite and we wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before on our last trip. My Wild Swimming guide said Lago di Ledro was one of the finest swimming lakes in the area and as it was only 30 minutes away we thought we’d see what it was like.

Well, as you can see it was absolutely stunning, easily the equal of Lago di Garda and very much quieter.

We actually visited on two occasions. As we loved it so much we went back for another visit when the Prof was with us. The photos in the post are mix bag from both visits.

On our first visit, the forecast was very mixed with Thunderstorms on their way. We had no idea how long we’d have before a soaking but the weather was fine and a little cloudy when we arrived and actually improved as the day went on.

We found a really nice parking and picnic area away from the local villages with a lovely lakeside path.

The water was a stunning and crystal clear turquoise blue

Possibly the clearest water I’ve ever swum in.

We found some rocks around the shore to sit on and swim from.

It looked like the water would be icy cold but it was a perfect temperature.

The Prof enjoying a bit of snorkelling.

A resident duck and family passing through.

It was stunning and idyllic spot and we were immediately in love with the place.

A view across to what looked like a very nice campsite and the larger public grassy area and beach, also very fine.

Panorama looking south across the lake.

I took numerous photos and despite the fact they are all of similar views across the lake took me a while to filter down to an acceptable number.

TBF enjoying lunch at the campsite bar.

More views of the mountains across the lake.

More views of that stunning clear water. How I could do with a swim there right now!

Just above the car park there was a cycle path running a little higher up. The views from up here was just as grand, giving a new perspective on this beguiling stretch of water.

Its another of those places to file under “why is its not better known”

Panorama from the cycle path above the lake.

On our first visit we lunched at the campsite bar but second time we packed a lavish picnic of goodies from the Deli at the local supermarket. Lunches don’t get better than this.

On both visits we took a second swim from the very narrow beach just below the picnic area.

More joy to be had swimming in such deep clear waters with a backdrop of forested mountains.

I think you can tell we quite liked it here!

TBF poses for the money shot.

She’s many times more photogenic than I am!

TJF came down to join us on the second day.

It would be a great place to spend a few days betagthough its a bit cut off from the main sights and practicalities of Lago di Garda, shops and such like.

Right up there with my favourite places and that’s without having explored the rest of the shoreline or the stunning mountains that form the surrounding skyline.

You want more Italian lakes? Next post will satisfy that wish.

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  1. Jealous ?


  2. That water is something else, doesn’t look real


  3. That water is a beautiful colour. The Hebrides had white beaches and the sea that colour… but the difference was – it was bloody freezing!


  4. Perfect it seems in every way!
    I was wondering if you would transfer to this campsite, but as I read on, understood why not!


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