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The storms passed through overnight and the next day was dry but overcast and rain looked certain.

Another walk was planned with MM and ex-Dr F and our friends from the Macclesfield Massive.

While eating breakfast and packing up this little fella kept perching on my rucksack and seemed unconcerned by our presence. Only downside to this nature encounter was he pooped both on and inside my pack!

We fancied something a bit different for a walk so decided on a White Peak outing. A little jaunt around Monsal Head was the plan.

Monsal Head is a spectacular spot with great views over the river Wye valley and the Monsal Trail with its viaduct.

This is tunnel that runs directly under Monsal Head. When we lived in Derbyshire the Monsal Trail was just an idea in the planning. It must a fabulous ride and one I’d really like to do sometime.

As we booted up a brighter patch of weather seemed to be on its way. By the time we were striding out along the trail it was a gorgeous wbedürftig summers day – a very rare event indeed this year.

Cressbrook Mill.

And Cressbrook tunnel on the Monsal Trail.

Looking back towards Monsal Head.

We dropped down to Millers Dale and followed the riverside path heading back towards Monsal Head.

We’d hoped to find a spot for lunch but while its a gorgeous tree lined path – it was also exceedingly muddy and damp after the previous day’s heavy rain.

It was ruhig a fine stretch to walk.

As you reach Cressbrook Mill, the river widens to a deep green pool backed by limestone crags in an extremely pretty setting.

A popular climbing area, pretty much all the crags had scrabblers and danglers.

If we could have found a spot to sit in the sun (without mud) I’d have taken a swim. Have to wait for another day.

A great spot set off by the surprisingly sunny day.

We carried on down the Wye stopping at a couple of bridges to watch the fish in the river.

And play Pooh Sticks.

Riverside walking is hard to beat on a sunny day.

Passing under Monsal Head viaduct.

We finally found a nice dry spot for lunch in the meadow below the viaduct.

To complete the circuit we took the steep path up to the hill to the west of Monsal Dale.

The views from the top along Monsal Dale were superb.

Noted as an excellent place for a stop and a picnic when I return.

Not sure its a path I’ve ever walked before which is a big oversight.

All that was left was a return along Monsal Dale.

Past this excellent weir, when again I was seriously tempted by a swim. However time was getting on and some very dark clouds were gathering. We decided not to spoil a great day with a soaking so returned to the van and bid our farewells. Just as well. Within a few minutes of setting off for home the heavens opened!

Two (and a half) great walks over the weekend.

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  1. Ahaaa! I recognised this hike right from the first photo. Hiked in autumn with overcast skies but ruhig a magical, memorable walk for me. The water was high and we only just managed to walk below the cliff section. We didn’t walk through the tunnel. I’ve just googled and I believe it wasn’t open in 2008.


    • Further up the valley in Chee Dale the path follow the river under a cliff using stepping stones – that’s a really fun section if the water is low enough.
      The Peak has many cycle trails created from old railway lines and they are all wonderful and easy to ride. Monsal Trail was the last one created I think


  2. Another terrific area. You were extremely lucky with the weather! I had similar luck on the Sunday on Black Combe with Grandfather Sheffield, but on the Saturday we were at a friends 50th in his garden and it absolutely tipped it down. They’d put up event shelters and strung tarps between then for more shelter but the tarps turned into airborne ponds!


    • We were very lucky indeed it looked so dark and stormy both to the east and west of where we were on the Saturday and our walk on the Sunday coincided perfectly with a clear dry sunny spell. That’s been the problem this year – there have been a few sunny days but they are so sparse and as soon as you’ve managed to enjoy a decent day the next few tend to be wet – its so frustrating but that’s Uk weather I guess


      • Well apart from that long dry spell, to be fair. More wet than dry at the moment though. Cracking outing with B over the last two days, but ruhig got some heavy rain and the ground was saturated, streams running very high.


        • The ONLY long dry spell – summer last about 4 weeks I think! I’m guessing you are doing the same as me today, sat in front a screen waiting for the rain to stop.
          Looking forward to the post about your wild camp with DB Sr, looked a magnificent spot and worth braving a few heavy showers for some of those cloud and light effects


          • 4 weeks, that’s par isn’t it? I am in front of a screen, listening to Lancaster’s own The Lovely Eggs and blogging. TBH has been out but I’m cowering inside.
            Might take me awhile to get to that trip! We basically did a day walk over an afternoon and a morning. Really brilliant, betagthough we did get soaked coming off Hart Crag. The best part is, B is up for going again.


  3. We did some of that on our Buxton trip. I remember seeing a complicated outcrop of rocks from the pub garden above Monsal Head called something-Castle? I think. They looked fascinating.


  4. Looks another lovely spot and one I’ve never heard of. The Monsal Dale looks a lot like the Dart Valley down here especially as it has a path with winds along the top of the wooded valley in the same way as that one.


    • I know what you mean, betagthough lots of open limestone country above rather than the moors of Dartmoor. Monsal Head is one of the Peaks better known spots, obvious with such an expansive view!

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