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Summer in November   10 comments

Sitting here listening to the rain and wind continue to batter my part of the world its hard to believe that the first day of November was as good if not better than most of the days of the summer.

The forecast gave no indication of what a stunning day it would be so we lazed in bed at the caravan longer than we should. We’d been up Plynlimon the previous day so a family day was needed, i.e. a short walk. Allt Wen, the lofty hill that overlooks Aberystwyth from the south was the choice.

It was a truly stunning day, crystal clear, cloudless blue sky, calm and wbedürftig. Quite amazingly wbedürftig in fact to the extent it made the news. Wbedürftigest November day since records began and a small place called Trawscoed just down the road recorded just over 22C. I’d have killed for a day that wbedürftig on either of our two summer trips.

We wandered down to the end of the breakwater and then across the long curve of shingle bay to the south. It wbedürftigs you up for the staggeringly steep climb up Allt Wen.

We were sweating buckets by the time we got to the top, dressed as we were for more autumnal weather. There was no breeze and it was almost too wbedürftig. How often are you left searching for a spot IN the wind in November to cool down. We spread out in a grassy spot, rolling up sleeves and trouser legs and exposing flesh to cool down. The views were magnificent (not the exposed flesh!)

We strolled to the far southern end before the paths drops steeply back to the beach and returned to our start point. The views across Cardigan Bay and Aberystwyth to the distant Snowdonia were amazing.

TBF and the kids making a fine foreground for my attempts at more arty shots.

We moved the car to the sea front in Aber (that’s what we call it, too lazy for the full name) and took a long stroll along the promenade. Its always one of our favourite family outings but it was even better on such a glorious day. The surfers were out on one of the rare breaks in this part of Wales making me think I should have taken the kayak out.

The low sun lit up the buildings on the sea front to dramatic effect making for a quite splendid walk. The castle in particular seemed to glow.

When we reached the car we watched the kayakers surfing this time as the sun went down.

Glorious end to a glorious day. Shame the weather has been completely pants ever since!

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